Modifying Classes and Attributes

Modifying classes of elements is as easy as:




You can read a more in-depth disussion of how to modify classes in thisquick tip by Yaphi Berhanu. Element properties can be accessed like any other object’s properties

// Get an attribute value
const value = myElement.value

// Set an attribute as an element property
myElement.value ='foo'

// Set multiple properties using Object.assign()
Object.assign(myElement, {
  value: 'foo',
  id: 'bar'

// Remove an attribute
myElement.value = null

Note that there are also the methods.getAttibute(),.setAttribute()and .removeAttribute(). These directly modify the HTML attributes (as opposed to the DOM properties) of an element, thus causing a browser redraw (you can observe the changes by inspecting the element with your browser’s dev tools). Not only is such a browser redraw more expensive than just setting DOM properties, but these methods also can have unexpected results.

As a rule of thumb, only use them for attributes that don’t have a corresponding DOM property (such ascolspan), or if you really want to “persist” those changes to the HTML.

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