Modifying the DOM

We can move elements around like so:

// Append element1 as the last child of element2

// Insert element2 as child of element 1, right before element3
element1.insertBefore(element2, element3)

If we don’t want to move the element, but insert a copy, we can clone it like so:

// Create a clone
const myElementClone = myElement.cloneNode()


The.cloneNode()method optionally takes a boolean as argument; if set to true, a deep copy will be created, meaning its children are also cloned.

Of course, we can just as well create entirely new elements or text nodes:

const myNewElement = document.createElement('div')
const myNewTextNode = document.createTextNode('some text')

which we can then insert as shown above. If we want to remove an element, we can’t do so directly, but we_can_remove children from a parent element, like so:


This gives us a nice little work around, meaning can actually remove an element indirectly, by referencing its parent element:


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